October 1, 2012

Transfers!!! i am getting transferred…nowhere. Still in Red Hill and still with Cruz. I am glad though. Things are just starting to pick up here. Yesterday was the primary program and Fahim brought his whole family. The program was great. It had all the classics. There were cute sunbeams who mumbled unintelligibly, a kid forgot the line of “follow the prophet” that he was supposed to sing and there was an awkward silence, and plenty of little girls who thought they could sing like pop stars. It was great. A classic primary program. There were a few curveballs like the kid with the cochlear implant playing the violin, who was really good considering. I was impressed. It was a great day for Fahim to come with his wife and kids. He also brought Sis Wannacott who was in town. I got to talk to her about philly and the old days. She remembers you, Mom and Dad, and said you were amazing totally awesome people. Oh and i found out the Bishop Zimmerman has a brother in Exton. He’s not a member but thats still neat.

I bought a new watch. That was fun. I was at ross and i saw a bright orange nixon for forty bucks. What a deal! thats like a 75 dollar watch. I love it and it makes me happy.
I dont really have much else to say. ann came to church thats cool. Well goodbye.
Elder Lewis
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Elder Lewis’s photos in OC Register

Elder Lewis was asked to take pics for a service project and they appeared in the Orange County Register. Here’s the link: http://epaper.ocregister.com/Olive/ODE/OCWYorbaLindaStar/

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Holding hands with Sisco Sept. 24, 2012


Well I held hands with a drunk man. Before your mind runs away with that, let me start at the beginning. So we set up a table in the Orange Circle. It was about 8 at night and we hadn’t had much lucky with people walking by. A few nice comments, some took cards, but most were uninterested. There was a man singing shirtless by the fountain. Sounded like Hotel California sung by a sad black bear. Anyways, This guy stumbled past us and then stopped and spun around and stared at us for like a minute straight. Then he said “Wait, t–t-t-time out, -hold on, wait wait wait. What are you doing here?” Then what followed was a drunken monologue in which we learned that he loved Jesus, had a girlfriend who was mormon, was a “killer” who fought in Vietnam, and he dumped his girlfriend because she said he could not have tea. Then he was about to leave and we all said goodbye and he turned to me, pointed, and said “i’m not done with you yet.”

He stood in front of me and saluted and told me to stand and salute my officer. I told him that i wasn’t a marine but i stood up anyways. then he insisted i salute. I said i couldn’t possibly; i wasn’t in uniform. He blustered about for a minute, muttering things about uniforms and ties. The he told us he had to go and reached out to shake our hands. He took mine last and held it. “you feel that?” he asked. i replied, “yes that’s your hand. can you feel it?” He continued to hold my hand and squeeze harder so i returned the pressure. He finally let go and started to leave. Elder Monson said “have a safe night”  and the dude, we learned his name was Sisco, turned around and asked elder Monson if he had a problem and wanted to fight. Then he almost feel over. He wouldn’t leave. Finally we picked up and left him there. Pretty fun night.

Well Fahim is doing well. He is totally awesome. He brought his pappa in law to church. He isn’t even baptized yet and he is already doing missionary work. i love that man. Well i have to go. life is busy. i love you all.
-Elder Lewis
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September 10, 2012

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September 10, 2012

Crazy crazy week. Preparing for the Zone conference. So we printed out and folded like 200 copies of the newsletter i made (copy attached) and then realized there were like three huge mistakes that both of us had missed. We had to scrap it and start over. that was fun.

Oh so you know Fahim, the Muslim guy who’s golden. Well his Mormon friend from Sacramento came to church yesterday. He was visiting fahim but fahim couldn’t come because his father was in town. anyways, todd wonacott (the friend) stood up in elders quorum and talked about how amazing it was that fahim was investigating and how he hopes everyone shows extra effort and helps involve him in the social stuff and he started to cry when he talked about how fahim was the last person who he expected to be interested and how special it was to him. It was a pretty awesome experience. Like twenty people came up to me and asked if they could go to a lesson after that. It was cool to see how much it meant to todd. we are jumping in at the end of a very long process. todd is the reason fahim is even here at this point. cool. i almost cried with him. almost.

   so as part of zone conference we are doing community service, painting something somewhere, and its going to be this huge thing. maybe news coverage and el presidente asked me to take pictures of it for the mission. Way cool. I get to look all profesh with the canon turn it sideways and stuff. Changing the zoom and the like. no, but it will be fun. I am glad i have my nice camera out here. It’s going to make it busy though. We have to take pictures and then drive to the chapel, set up, help with lunch and cars, take down and repeat thrice. its going to be busy
   Oh another cool story so there is this family called the jarvis’s. i might have mentioned them before. Anyways, they aren’t members but they know a lot of them (including rose) and they wanted to have their daughters go to seminary to learn about the bible. cool huh? well i didn’t know if they’d go through with it but i got a call from rose last night and she said that they were at the “back to seminary” fireside last night. awesome possum. It’s not every missionary who has their family involved in their work. Plus its just cool that the girls are actually going. I need to stop by their house soon. dont let me forget.

   Well i love you all and promise i will buy stamps today. i promise. cross my heart and hope for pie.
love tayl…Elder Lewis

ps. Hey mom do we know any wanacotts cuz i think todd is from west chester and the name sounds oddly familiar


MOM’S NOTE: Yes we know the wonnacotts! I believe it was Todd’s dad that was the bishop of our ward. Debbie (bishop’s wife) is the best cook ever. They invited us to some wonderful Sunday dinners.

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Sept 3, 2012

Well zone conference is coming around again which means busy time for the Office Elders. We are getting the slideshow together and writing the Anaheim Standard but i think i might change the name to AQ: Anaheim Quarterly. Anyway its a lot of work.

So Fahim came to church yesterday. he brought his wife and kids and even his mother in law. His daughter had a new stuff overload and started crying in primary so Fahim’s wife took them home but fahim stayed. he is awesome.
This morning the andersons fed us breakfast. it was weird. we looked on the dinner calendar and saw they had signed up but underneath it said breakfast or brunch so we had breakfast and it was tasty. mmmmmm pancakes and bacon and eggs and boysenberry syrup delicious. i hadn’t had a good breakfast in a while.

Oh other cool thing. I met a family who knew the olsens (aaron and cara, etc) and i found out that they lived like right by here like i drive past their old house to go to church. pretty neat huh? the world is so small.
Well that’s all thats going on here. oh except we had a great lesson with ryan and pam. He made wings. he used a mix of franks and ghost chile. they were hot but tasty. then the bishop came and we had a very nice lesson about faith. i think it helped ryan to have the bishop there. Ryan also told me that i should go into politics because i was a good speaker and when i taught he wanted to listen. i told him it was just the spirit. Overall good lesson.

once again i would like to apologize to all those who are anxiously waiting for a reply from me. i am buying stamps today i promise. Oh and shout out to the beehives. thanks for the gum and Hersheys.
love elder lewis

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August 27, 2012


   Its been a crazy short long week. Let me tell you first about Elder Cruz. Elder Cruz was born in Brazil but moved to the USofA when he was 9ish. he speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English and he still hasn’t put all his stuff away. But he’s cool. He’s into computers and we can geek out together sometimes so that’s fun.
    Oh now let me tell you about Fahim Hashim. Fahim is the bestttttt. He is golden. He is an investigator who got passed to us by a different ward. He is so excited about the gospel. He was raised Muslim and then went atheist and then agnostic now Mormon.. ..soon …hopefully. He is so ready. We met him on Saturday and we talked for a bit about his past and then he asked what we were going to teach him. so we taught him about prayer and them he took us to chick fil a and then he said he was going to church tomorrow. At church, he visited the primary (he has two young daughters) and then he went to priesthood and meet Bro Martinez. They were old friend is like two seconds and Fahim invited him over for dinner and to teach him more about the church. Fahim is finding his own fellow-shippers. Completely Golden. A golden statue covered in platinum and then gold leafed. I love that man.
   So pam is awesome too. She started to cry last time we taught her, and not because i pinched her. She really wants to feel clean. She says she feels so peaceful every time we come. And her husband (to be) is coming around slowly. He is going to make us wings next time we go over. Yummm home made wings and a pizza. Life is tough in the California Anaheim mission. haha.
 Tell Justin he’s awesome and kale too. Sorry to everyone who is waiting for a letter i ran out of stamps and haven’t bought more yet. I saw the inkleys other cousins. hmmmmm what else…..nope nothing
love you
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